Audio Montages
Full length CDs montaged of favorite tunes (2000-2001)
ranging across genres from Zero Beat to Drum & Bass - N-Joy
Production Notes 2000 - 2001 London

Musica Para Viajar I & II are two HDD projects I montaged back in the day using a PII
Computer with 64MB of RAM, 4 Gigs of HD. The results were just outstanding.

Part ONE  was an excellent trial run, although as I discovered you
couldn't really make any permanent mistakes, haha

Part TWO was more experimental. With Minidisc recordings at hand I had made in
India that year, I used the material as sound design and montaged global rhythms
around it all! For me, JUST BRILLIANT!
Musica pa' Viajar ONE
Musica pa' Viajar TWO