Gravity 1994 - 1995
Gravity - Between the summers of 1994 and 1995.

That classic example of three lads; Russell Bark, Simon Wright and Myself getting together to
write music. Shame that we never followed it through. Here are a few classic examples.

We used a Realistic PZM Mic, Fostex 4-Track X-28H multitracker,
Alesis Midiverb and a Roland W-30.
Gravity - Rainy Day (Bark/Vasquez/Wright 1994)

The original keyboard phrase for this song came from another project. In all it is still one of my
favorites and stands up well to this day.
Gravity - Afterlife (Bark/Vasquez/Wright 1994)

Another classic for many friends out there. After discovering we all came together musically,
these catchy songs kept on coming.
Gravity - Halo (Bark/Vasquez/Wright 1994)

Even more minimal, just vocals, guitar and strings section. Guitarist played to a 'click' coming
from the W-30 and was all recorded live.
Gravity - Tangent (Bark / Vasquez / Wright 1995)

My first attempt in minimising the synths in production with cracking results! Still, without the
W-30 this song wouldn't have been possible, haha
Gravity - Pain (Bark/Vasquez/Wright 1995)

A track recorded in the basement one winter. Moving away from over production, this was more
minimal but still had great character.

The Track that started it all. It was a demo for Simon, instead we discovered music!