Roland W-30 Archive 1992-2001
The Roland W-30 showing what you can do with 12 Seconds of
RAM, 8 Outputs and a reverb - N-Joy!
Euro-o-Latino (1993) Experiment sampling traditional Chilean music and banging beats!
Marisa Bueno (1993) An epic but I was really pushing that W-30
Un fin que no fue (1994) I got dumped and so this piece of energy came out of
nowhere, a nod to Vignettes
Humber 5am (1995) An idea I got on the way to University in Hull whiles the train plodded
alongside the Humber one very cold early morning, brrr..
En Verano (1997) Was quite into nice beats thanks to worldwide radio! Thanks Jazzanova!
Boring Night in the Cellar - Excellent sonic trial, industrial edge with lovely sound pads
Tambores y Bajo (1997) My first attempt at Drum & Bass, not bad too!
Barca (1999) Was into Alternate Looping and this was the result. Top ambient pads!!
Reprise (1997) - Sampling the classic New Musik drum loop, this tune is fun
Northcross (2001) The last track before I sold off my beloved W-30. My apartment in London
was too small, ..typical! I love the energy this track has, still sounding fresh!
Allende (1996) A small but effective montage using classical sound samples
A nod to Kito, thanks for making it possible amigo!